The advantages of a Menstrual Cup

For years, women have used either tampons or pads to collect blood and protect clothing during their periods. But a menstrual cup provides women with an alternative to these traditional methods. Some are long-lasting and reusable, while others are disposable.

It’s a flexible cup designed for use inside the vagina during your period to collect menstrual blood. The cup actually collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it like tampons or pads do.

The menstrual cup has to emptied every 8-10 hours. This means it has to be changed less frequently than pads and tampons. The cup is leak proof, and comfort in it’s use increaes the more it is used.

Some cups are designed for long-term use – even years – providing a significant cost savings over tampons and pads. Since you can reuse them, there’s less waste to clog up our landfills and fewer trees sacrificed to make the paper-based alternatives.

La Cup Luneale, the only ergonomic stemless menstrual cup

you can use your Luneale cup to sleep, even naked, no problem in the morning.

pool or sea, no more worry of a tampon full of water or an apparent thread. (What a relief!)

safe to use the menstrual cup when running or doing any kinds of sports

Choosing a periodic protection that lasts 5 years leads to 1500 disposable pads that will not end not in nature.

If you spend around 8 € per month for your disposable protections, your cup is profitable in only 3 months!

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