The idea

In a nutshell, our initiative is a capacity building, research project offering a sustainable feminine hygiene product, the menstrual cup, to women in Dakar, Senegal. While other conventional menstrual hygiene management products exist in Senegal, the opportunity to provide a greener alternative still remains in the region. This is where our project steps in to try explore this opportuinity.

The cup offers numerous economic, social, health and environmental benefits to all users. Its convenience will empower women to be able to do more with ease while reducing waste and thus saving our planet.

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What we do

By hosting our workshops, we will provide 200 women in Dakar, the opportunity to be part of the future of menstrual hygiene management. With the assistance of local health experts in Dakar, our workshops will compromise of an invaluable exchange on the current menstrual health practises in Dakar. We will also offer hygiene management training based on a scientifically rigorous method. This will be followed by a detailed explanation on the appropriate use of a menstrual cup. Our initative aims to make society recognise and talk about the importance of proper menstrual hygiene management, despite it being a sensitive subject.

The Cup it up! Web-Documentary

The journey of 12 days; 18/03/2019 – 29/03/2019

Big announcement: Ségolène Royal is our official Marraine

Ségolène Royal, born in Dakar, is a feminist, president of the COP21 and former French Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea

“Menstrual cups benefit every women & region!”

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Our network, together we can Cup it up!

Femme International is an international non-governmental organization that was founded in 2013 to address the high rates of deliberate absenteeism among adolescent girls as a direct result of their menstrual cycles. In East Africa, menstruation is a major reason why girls will miss school – often dropping out altogether. This putting them at a distinct disadvantage when compared to their male counterparts.

Femme is committed to using education and conversation to break down the menstrual taboo on a global scale. By taking an education-based approach, Femme is tackling the issue at its root and ensuring that no girl will grow up thinking her body is unclean or inappropriate.

La Cup Luneale, the only ergonomic stemless menstrual cup.

Luneale was born in 2014 in the head of Léocadie and Thomas (yes, a woman AND a man), former co-workers, who took a passion for the menstrual cup and wondered how to ensure that this extraordinary periodic protection would be distributed.

But above all, they wondered what more they could bring to this protection, when there were already dozens (even hundreds) of brands, all almost identical. Luneale was born from their exigency and their desire to stand out, to improve the current situation.

Enda Santé is an international non-profit organization based in Senegal. It is an entity in charge of health programmes within Enda Third World, alongside 24 other thematic areas.

The parent organization, Environment and Development of the Third World (Enda-tm), was founded in 1972 in Dakar as a joint programme of the United Nations Environment Programme, the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning and the Swedish International Development Organisation.

RUSH aims to facilitate and animate the university life of students in the Humanities, through festive or recreational activities linking the objectives of sharing culture, openness to prevention for the health of students. It includes the departments of English, German, Romanesque Letters, History, Geography, Philosophy, Letters, Communication and Applied Foreign Languages. But RUSH remains available to all UPEC students.

The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris is a private foundation, recognized as a public utility, since 1925 and closely linked to the universities of Paris, owners of the buildings and represented on its board of directors by the Rector of the Academy and Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, Vice-President of Law of the foundation, and two university presidents. The University of Paris has always welcomed students from all over the world.

The campus gave us space to host our cultural fair in partnership with a student group passionate about gender studies and issues related to women’s health. We are grateful to the administration for giving us space, to invite people from all over the world and the students living in the campus, to come together and talk about the important subject of female hygiene. 

Feminine Hygiene Senegal – Cup it up!