Get to know the team

We are a team of 5 students in Development Economics and International Project Management at Université Paris-Est Créteil. 

This project is part of our Master’s programme and represents our initiative to add value in the underexplored subject of feminine hygiene in Senegal.

Sophie Kaminski

Financial Manager & Spokeswoman

Charismatic and bold spokesperson. Possess a good intercultural work experience which makes her the right person for organizing and structuring the group. Additionally, she has working knowledge on handling financial analysis.

Alina Tilinca

Project Manager & Risk Analyst

Talented and hard working manager, adept at structuring and planning events. She has held coordinating positions and possesses the knowhow for guiding the team through roadblocks and speed bumps.

Muhammad Jah

Liaison Officer & On-field Coordinator

Muhammad is a charming and motivated ­liaison officer. He is sharp and has a calm ­demeanour to handle any situation on field.

Natia Mosiashvili

Research Specialist &
Internal Coordinator

Thorough and skilful researcher, she has a wealth of knowledge in research methodology and analysis techniques. She has the thirst of a young researcher to learn on the field and has a promising capacity to maintain internal coordination of the team.

Gurtegh Singh

Public Relations & Protocol

He brings experience in  coordinating  on-field projects regarding impact analysis and data verification in India. His upright personality and polite public profile make him best for growing the teams network.

Feminine Hygiene Senegal – Cup it up!